Remove barriers to business by protecting industries and entrepreneurs.

Establishing a stable framework that will convince businesses they can come to, invest in, and stay in West Central Louisiana.   Louisiana’s business climate is hostile to innovators and our infrastructure is not conducive to attracting business to our State.  Ultimately, this means removing barriers to business, from the micro to the macro level.   It’s hard for almost anyone to start or conduct business in Louisiana and this needs to change.

If we can change the environment, we’ll stimulate economic activity.   Economic activity means more jobs, creation of wealth and ultimately healthy tax dollars coming to the state’s coffers.

The hard truth and the great possibility:  If we stimulate our economy, we will have the money to do other important things, like reforming our education system, fixing our infrastructure and protecting our citizens.….

Meaningful, empowering reform in education and training

Maintain a path of excellence through standards and accountability. Louisiana is near the bottom of most major rankings. Our State needs to be on a consistent pathway of improvement and solidify in-place standards, provide choice for parents and make sure all children have a chance for a good start in life through education. The State needs to work to recruit, hire and reward high performing, highly competent and caring teachers. Louisiana needs to address the issue of local empowerment and ensure local districts have the resources and the autonomy they need to meet high State standards and educate our children. Better pay for teachers and new facilities are critical to ensure we achieve these goals. .

Repair our infrastructure

Very little of our infrastructure is acceptable and most are in disrepair. Most Louisianans agree on this issue, but we can’t fix this problem without a vibrant economy that generates the money we need to do the work. While we’re at it, we also need to fix a cumbersome contracting system that takes too long to get any work accomplished. If we get the first issue on this list right, we can take action, but one really can’t happen without another one. In West Central Louisiana, our roads are in need of serious attention and our municipalities need money to help with our roads, water systems, and public utilities.

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