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Chuck grew up in Vernon Parish and returned home after his years of service came to an end. He is active in civic organizations including the Lions Club, the Leesville High School Alumni Association and the Chamber of Commerce. He currently serves as a Senior Training and Intelligence Consultant to the United States Military, as well as Adjunct Professor for Indiana Wesleyan University and the Air Force’s Air University.

Chuck knows our state budget is out of control and is 100% opposed to tax increases. Like President Trump, Chuck will work tirelessly to reduce regulations, enact tax cuts and remove barriers to business. Chuck will work to keep education reform on a steady path, pursue initiatives to hire and retain great teachers, stand up to efforts to protect poor-performing teachers and help find ways to reduce class sizes and increase teacher pay. He will fight for an expansion of technical and trade education at the high school and community college systems. Most importantly, Chuck will strive every day to make Louisiana a better place for all citizens. to

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